Roxanne Deevey and Marie-France Gaumont are experienced communications practitioners. Over the last 25 years, they’ve worked as journalists, directors of communications and marketing, as trainers, advisors and consultants.

Roxanne Deevey
Roxanne Deevey

“I love helping people discover and develop their talents as communicators. I also like bringing my clients to see the media in a different, non-threatening, light. Yes, it’s possible to have a respectful and collaborative relationship with the media. Journalists are human beings who work in the public interest. Their main purpose is to inform.
The media interview is an opportunity to position your organization, to build credibility and solidify your reputation. We would love to help you hone your skills and recognize the strategic value of your media presence. This approach falls perfectly into my personal philosophy: contribute to the advancement of our communities through good communication.”

Marie-France-Web (1) (640x434)
Marie-France Gaumont

“I love…innovating to stimulate learning. Shaking things up in order to develop thought processes. Breathing energy into skills development. Encouraging people to surpass themselves. Using a personalized approach to make training more dynamic. Supporting leaders through sound coaching of communication skills. This is the approach we take in our practical training session called “Shine as a media spokesperson”. Our experienced and supportive manner will allow you to shine in front of the media, address them in an impactful way and build your organization’s credibility. What a great way to solidify your expertise and build trust in your organization, don’t you think? »